Always a foolproof solution.

We both know that not everyone takes good care of their possessions. Lockers therefore have to be able to resist a knock or two. The Noki Lockers are made from strong metal with solid hinges and reliable locks. We supply no less than 12 years guarantee for the sheet metal work of the doors!

Our range comes in standard sizes and we are able to supply in all possible colours. The electronic locking system is also a standard feature. Useful for the user as he can open his locker using his school or company key-pass. Simple and effective for the administrator, because the system is easy to operate and program. Complicated key administration is a thing of the past, there are no keys to be lost and another aspect is that keys can no longer be replicated.

We can, of course, also modify the lockers according to your requirements. So if you wish to deviate from the standard sizes, that isn’t a problem. If you would actually prefer a lock that uses a key, numeric code or coin, that’s no problem at all. We would be pleased to be of assistance!

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