Wardrobe lockers

Clothes make the man.

Both during and after work. Your staff can hang their clothes safely and neatly in our wardrobe lockers. Just like all of our lockers, they are solid, available in all colours and we can fit them with electronic locks.

Each staff member could be given a personal locker, but they could also share lockers. For example, if people work in shifts or part-time. That will save both space and money. Using the electronic access system, you can regulate when someone may open a locker. We would be more than happy to advise you!

Our wardrobe lockers with an air extraction system are unique and commonly used in, for example, the pharmaceutical industry. In these lockers, the colours are odour-free. Please check the specifications of our lockers. We also always have low-budget lockers in stock. If you would like bespoke lockers, please contact us. 

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