Office lockers

Looks great in the room.

Let’s be honest about it, office lockers are not usually the prettiest of things. But equally that is not what they are intended for: they have to be functional and offer plenty of storage space. So if you are looking for these types of lockers, that’s fine, we would be more than happy to supply them. Solid lockers. In the colour and size that you would like, with flexible adjustable shelves.

However, you may also be looking for a locker that offers oceans of space but that also looks great in the room. Simply against the wall, or to separate work stations from one another. Even then, Noki Lock is the right place to be. Our office lockers with, for example, sliding doors, give a more fashionable appearance. We can also provide the top of your locker with a decorative look, which is particularly stunning for low lockers of course. We would be more than happy to advise you.  

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