Opened by a key-pass.

Noki Lock likes simplicity and effectiveness. That is why we recommend standard electronic locks on our lockers. So these are actually safes that you can open with a key-pass. This may be your school or company key pass. The user then does not require an additional key or key-pass. And the administrator is able to assign or cancel key-passes using a computer program. We would install the software and explain the system.

The advantages of an electronic locking system are therefore huge. In addition, you do not need to keep complicated key administration up to date, neither do you run the risk of keys being lost or replicated.

The choice is, of course, yours. We also supply locks with keys, numeric codes or coin insertion. 

Stand-Alone System

Simple and effective. Lockers with electonic locks, opened with a pass. This can for example be a schoolpass and the user therefor does not require an extra key or pass. In the locker where the reader is located, lockers can be assigned to a pass. 

System benefits:

  • Affordable
  • Seperate modules, no wiring
  • Easy in use. Noki Lock installs and explains the system.
  • All lockers can be centrally opened. This can be usefull for contol and cleaning
  • Administrator can add or delete passes.
  • Passes can not be copied
  • Various types of passes can be used

Central Pass Management

Noki Lock provides a laptop with easy to use software. This software enables the administrator to couple lockers to a pass. The user can then instantly use the pass to open the locker. 

System benefits:

  • Wireless system, no installation costs
  • Remotely adding or deleting passes
  • Automaticly adding a user, also without a pass
  • Add multiple lockers to a selection of users
  • Overwrite from old files, while the newly assigned lockers stay unaffected

Web-Based SystemNEW

Quick and safe access to the lockers via the web. The lockers are coupled to the system via a secured wireless system. Any computer with internet connection can be used to log in to the system and manage the lockers.  

System benefits:

  • Linking active files
  • Read the complete history up to the individual lockers
  • Add, open, edit and block lockers from a central location
  • Automatically add users
  • Manage rights for various users
  • Manage multiple locations and/or buildings in a central database.


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